Pursuing the documents one needs to work in the U.S.

When one of the big goals of a foreign national who has come to the U.S. is to work in the U.S., there are many things it is critical for them to be aware of. One is what the immigration status that they are in the U.S. on means for their work eligibility.

There are many different immigration classifications here in the United States. Whether or not a person from another country can work in the U.S. in part depends on which classification they are under. Some classifications bar a person from working. Skilled immigration lawyers can advise foreign nationals on whether working in the U.S. is possible under the immigration status they have in the U.S. and, if it isn’t, whether they would have options for changing their status to one in which they would have eligibility to work.

When a foreign national is in the U.S. on an immigration status which makes them work eligible, another thing it can be very important for them to understand is what documents they need in order to lawfully work in America.

There can be a variety of steps connected to getting the documents one needs to work in the United States. Recently, the federal government took an action aimed at making some of these steps a little easier for certain foreign nationals.

For individuals in the U.S. on certain immigration statuses, both a social security number and an employment authorization document are needed in order to work in America. Previously, such individuals had to go through separate application processes to request each of these types of documentation.

However, now they have the option to request both through just one application. This is due to an update made to the application for an employment authorization document, Form I-765. The federal government recently took steps which allow a person to also request a social security number in this form.

Easier processes are among the things that can help make pursuing the documents one needs in order to work in America less stressful for a person from another country. Another is having experienced legal guidance during this pursuit. Such guidance can help a person be well-informed throughout process of seeking such documents. This could help with steering clear of mistakes that could complicate the process and up the stress of it.