The contributions of immigrant entrepreneurs to the U.S.

Immigrants make many important contributions to the United States. This includes economic contributions. Among the significant economic activities some immigrants engage in here in the U.S. are entrepreneurial efforts.

A look at big U.S. companies points to the major impacts immigrant entrepreneurs have had in America. Many large U.S. companies whose products and services Americans use every day were founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants. One estimate suggests that around two out of every five Fortune 500 companies have such a person as their founder.

And the contributions immigrant entrepreneurs make to U.S. society and the economy aren’t limited to big companies. According to a study from last year, immigrants and their children are behind millions of small businesses here in America.

So, when an immigrant to the U.S. has entrepreneurial goals, what happens with such goals doesn’t just have big impacts on their own life. It could also have significant impacts within the community they live in (and possibly well beyond).

Many things could have implications on an immigrant’s ability to achieve their entrepreneurial goals in the United States. Among these is what happens with immigration issues that come up for them. Immigration matters can have all sorts of impacts on an immigrant’s goals. Immigration lawyers can advise immigrants here in Louisiana on what such implications the immigration matters that come up for them would have. They can also give immigrants guidance on what steps they can take when it comes to such matters to safeguard their goals.

Source: CNN Money, “Immigrants made American business what it is today,” Chris Isidore, Sept. 5, 2017