The valuable roles H-1B workers can play in the workplace

Among the visa-related issues an employer here in the U.S. may find itself navigating in relation to its workforce are H-1B visa issues. An employer might end up pursuing such work visas in relation to foreign workers that it wants to hire for specialty jobs within its organization. Complicated issues can arise for an employer during the process of petitioning for an H-1B visa for a foreign worker and gathering the documentation and building up the case to support such a petition. Employers can seek out advice and guidance on H-1B visa issues from immigration lawyers skilled in work visa matters.

Why can what happens with H-1B petitions it makes matter so much for an employer? It can because H-1B workers can serve valuable roles and make significant contributions within a workplace. A recent study illustrates this.

The study looked at hiring practices and the use of H-1B workers in the audit industry. Many U.S. audit offices hire H-1B workers.

The study found that two of the major roles H-1B workers appear to tend to serve in the audit industry are specialist and gap-filler roles. The study also indicated that H-1B workers play a complementary role in relation to American workers in audit workplaces and are a driver of human capital growth within the audit industry.

While this study just looked at the audit industry, there are many other industries in which hiring H-1B workers is common. So, there are all kinds of industries in which such workers can be playing significant roles. So, if major changes end up being made to the H-1B visa program, one wonders what impacts such changes will have on these industries and the U.S. economy as a whole.