New interpreter policy implemented for USCIS interviews

Interviews with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services are a part of many different immigration matters. Such interviews have a lot of different policies and rules that apply to them. What rules and policies are likely to be particularly important ones when it comes to an upcoming interview for a person seeking immigration benefits depends on the specifics of their situation.

For example, if they plan to have an interpreter at their interview, important issues related a new USCIS interview policy could come up.

The policy was established in January, and it was implemented this Monday.

Among the things this policy does are:

  • Set up standards for interpreters.
  • Put certain restrictions on who can be an interpreter.
  • Put a new paperwork requirement in place. There is a new form interpreters and the individuals they are interpreting for are supposed to sign at a start of an interview.

This new policy applies to most USIC interviews at domestic offices, through there are some exceptions to this. The policy does not extend to interviews at international offices.

One wonders what impacts the new policy will end up having on USCIS interviews.

What happens in a USCIS interview can be very impactful in an immigration case. So, when a person has such an interview coming up, making proper preparations can be critical. Among the things it can be important for a person to understand going into such an interview is what policies apply to their situation and what they can do to ensure they comply with the rules set by such policies. Skilled immigration lawyers can help individuals with this and other aspects of preparing for an interview with the USCIS.

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