International student enrollment in Louisiana

A wide range of different types of students may have a goal of studying at a school here in Louisiana. This includes students from foreign countries. Now, for foreign students, there are some added steps they generally have to navigate to achieve such a goal. This includes the steps related to pursuing the appropriate immigration approvals to study in the United States. Foreign students who desire to study at a Louisiana school can go to skilled immigration lawyers for help with immigration matters related to their education goals.

How much in international student enrollment does Louisiana see? Not as much as some other parts of the country. According to the most recent Open Doors report by the Institute of International Education, Louisiana ranks 32nd in the nation when it comes to total number of international students.

However, even with being in the bottom half of the rankings, Louisiana’s international student total still numbers in the thousands. The report put the state’s total at over 7,800.

The report also indicates the state has been seeing rather sharp increases in international student enrollment lately. The above-mentioned international student total is 14 percent higher than the total from the previous year. This increase is almost double the level of the increase the U.S. as a whole saw during this time period (which was a 7.1 percent increase).

Why do you think, recently, Louisiana has been outpacing the national average when it comes to increases in international student enrollment? What do you think will happen with such enrollment in the state in upcoming years?

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