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February 2016 Archives

F-1 students and working while at school

One of the reasons an individual from a foreign country may want to come to the U.S. is to further their education. There are visa pathways for foreign students who desire to study at a U.S. college or university. One of the main types of visas for foreign students is the F-1 visa.

2015 saw a lot of state-level immigration legislation enacted

When it comes to immigration law in the U.S., a lot of public focus goes to federal law. Now, federal immigration laws and regulations are remarkably impactful, as they affect fundamental things like what immigration options are available to foreign nationals and what the immigration process entails. However, they are not the only laws here in the U.S. that can have significant impacts on immigrants.

What is a K-1 visa?

Getting married involves all sorts of preparations. There are certain things that can add even further to the preparations a person needs to make for a marriage. One is if the person they are to going to marry is from another country and doesn't currently live in the United States.