Green card form mistakes to avoid

The process of trying to get a U.S. green card generally involves filling out a fair amount of forms. While completing such forms can sometimes feel like a tedious task, it is important to not underestimate how important it is to fill out such forms properly.

Missteps on a green card immigration form can be very impactful. They could cause delays in a person’s application being considered, lead to an application denial or expose a person to other significant consequences.

There are many different types of immigration form mishaps that could cause problems for a green card applicant. Here is a list of some things it is important to avoid when it comes to green-card-related forms:

  • Failing to follow form instructions. If a person does not understand certain aspects of the instructions, they should seek out guidance rather than just guessing.
  • Failing to give a section of the form proper attention. There are some sections of an immigration-related form that a person may be tempted to view as “unimportant.” However, mistakes on any part of an immigration form have the potential to have impacts, so all sections of an immigration form should be filled out with care.
  • Leaving parts of a form blank.
  • Lying on a form. Individuals should make sure to avoid both intentional lying and inadvertent misstatements. Also, if a person is contacted by a government official in relation to a form they filled out, they should take care to not lie to the official.
  • Failing to provide the right documents along with a form. Certain immigration forms require certain documents to be attached. When applying for a green card, it is very important to know the document attachment rules connected to the forms one is filling out.

As is the case with any stage of the green-card-seeking process, having the right guidance can help quite a bit with mishap avoidance when filling out green-card-related forms. Immigration lawyers can advise them on form-related issues.

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