What can disqualify you from receiving a US immigration visa?

When it comes to visas and eligibility, many people will immediately jump ahead in the conversation and immediately talk about people who enter the United States without inspectino. Obviously, entering the country without inspection typically complicates the matter quite a bit. But what about for people who are trying to go about the process legally from the start? What things may preclude them from ever obtaining that visa that they crave?

There is quite a long list of things that make someone ineligible for a visa, in fact. Speak with an attorney for a more in-depth look at all of the factors that make someone ineligible, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the big factors that can come into play in this regard:

  • Health factors are critical. If you have certain diseases, illnesses or medical conditions, or even if you haven’t been immunized against certain conditions, then you can be ineligible for a visa. Health factors even extend to drug addiction and mental conditions that could pose a threat to public safety.
  • Criminal history, understandably, is a major factor. The list in this regard is extensive, but in general, if you have criminal charges on your record, you may well be ineligible for a visa.
  • If you are a security threat in other regards. Political affiliation is a contributor in this section. Being affiliated with terrorism, Nazism, Communism, or any form of anti-government activity can disqualify you for a visa.
  • Prior violation of immigration law. If you were deported previously, you are most likely ineligible for a visa.