People of tremendous talent, and how companies can retain them

Immigration is an issue that doesn’t only affect individuals, though that is (understandably) where most of the focus is placed. There are many organizations and companies out there that need to be compliant with immigration regulations, as they strize to keep their prized employees and hire new ones. And for those employees, they need to be very aware of how the rules apply to them, in addition to knowing what processes they have to follow to ensure their ability to remain in the country.

This is especially important when it comes to people of extraordinary ability or skill. Organization are obviously seeking the most talented and knowledgeable people in their field — regardless of where they come from. And when they identify those people and bring them aboard, they don’t want to lose them.

In this regard, the EB-1 visa is incredibly important to companies and individuals of incredible talent. However, to get an EB-1 visa, someone has to substantiate — and quite generously — their claim as an individual of extraordinary ability. Building this claim takes some work, and it behooves anyone dealing with an EB-1 visa to have adequate legal representation by their side to make this process a bit easier.

It is just as important for the company to be compliant with EB-1 regulations and to ensure that they have dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s in relation to employment immigration laws.

Don’t take this matter lightly, whether you are an individual seeking to stay in the U.S. or an organization looking to help people remain in the U.S. — and stay with your company.