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May 2015 Archives

You can do this: avoiding your immigration issue isn't the answer

In the time that this blog has existed, we have tackled many difficult topics. Immigration is an inherently difficult area of law, so this may not be very surprising. But what many people may think is that since this is a difficult and convoluted area of law, it may be easiest to avoid immigration or to shy away from the system.

In a perfect world, asylum would be more streamlined and efficient

Asylum is a very complex issue in an already complex area of law. The simplest way to explain asylum is that it grants protections to people who are fleeing certain forms of persecution. They are accepted into the United States and can have a path to citizenship under certain circumstances.

When you get a green card, what rights do you immediately obtain?

Many people who immigrated to this country are seeking permanent residency, a prized status that grants the individual many rights, freedoms, and opportunities that they wouldn't have otherwise. To earn permanent residency, a person needs to acquire a green card, and there are strict eligibility requirements for this. But once you do obtain a green card, what rights do you have? Why is the green card such a sought after document? 

How does military service impact a person's immigration status?

If you are someone who isn't a U.S. citizen, you probably think that the only way you can become a U.S. citizen is through some complicated immigration process. In general, this is a true -- but it's also true that just because something is complicated doesn't mean it's not worth doing. Plenty of people have fought through the complexities of the immigration system to achieve great things as U.S. citizens.

233,000 apply for 2016 H-1B visas, a record number of applicants

The H-1B visa program is a vital process that allows highly skilled, specialized, academic, or otherwise gifted people to enter the United States and work here for up to three years. This period can be extended based on certain criteria and circumstances. Every year, the H-1B visa is a tough visa to acquire because there are so many more applications for the visa then there are actual visas.