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February 2015 Archives

Get legal help when the complexities of immigration law arise

It cannot be said enough: immigration is a very complicated and difficult area of law. Those who are tied to this system have no choice but to deal with, but there are ways to more effectively navigate the field immigration rules and regulations. Of course, everything is specialized and no situation is quite like the situation before it. Everything is unique, which means there isn't necessarily a "playbook" for any individual to follow when they are dealing with immigration issues. Think more in terms of "guidelines."

Executive order in limbo after judge rejects White House's wishes

As many of you probably know, the White House has been pushing for immigration reform for quite a long time, and it seemed that a recent move by President Obama would have a tremendous impact on the world of immigration law. Obama was looking to protect millions of undocumented immigrants in this country by issuing an executive order. However, this order did not go over so well in the state of Texas.

The startling rise of the U visa

There are so many visas out there that it is tough to summarize and deal with them all on just one blog. We have spoken at length about visas for gifted or highly skilled people, as well as some more basic visas for people from many different countries. We've also talked about the laws and regulations that go into these visas, and how those laws are constantly changing.