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January 2015 Archives

Improved US-Cuba relations impacts immigration

As many people in Louisiana have heard, the United States has cooled tensions with Cuba to the point that there seems to be an actual relationship between the two countries. However, there is a very interesting dynamic to this story that has very real implications on immigration of Cuban people to the United States -- and it isn't what you would think.

A green card does not guarantee citizenship

Obtaining a green card is a huge moment for many people who enter the country legally and go through the immigration process properly. But one misconception about the green card is that it automatically grants you U.S. citizenship. This is not correct. Obtaining citizenship is a different process than can certainly be aided by having a green card -- but the card does not mean you get U.S. citizenship, nor does it guarantee it in the future.

Opportunity is there to improve H-1B visa rules

We have talked about employment visas and high-skill visas in the past on this blog, usually in a way that describes the positives of the visas and what opportunities are created for the people who come to the United States on these visas. Today, we're going to look at something that isn't necessarily positive or negative -- it's merely a missed opportunity.

Families have options when their legal status gets murky

We've talked a lot on this blog about families who are trying to either enter the United States or are just trying to stay in the U.S. These are two very different goals that have two very different legal processes, but the end goal is the same: getting good people who are trying to be in the U.S. (and probably want to be citizens of the U.S.) to achieve their dream.