Unique immigration applicants, and the processes they deal with

As we’ve talked about before on this blog, the immigration process is complex and it can cause many people to feel anxious about their application. But what about people who are academic professionals, or professors, or people of extraordinary talent or intellect? Are these people subjected to the same processes?

Well, yes and no. They still have to go through the immigration process — but they have some unique applications. Let’s discuss three of these unique conditions:

  • Outstanding professors and researchers. Every year, there are 140,000 visas reserved for people of extraordinary ability, multinational executives and outstanding professors and researchers. These visas, dubbed EB-1 visas, can be difficult to obtain and there are some unique requirements.
  • As mentioned in the above bullet point, people of extraordinary ability also fall under the EB-1 visa umbrella. Again, high standards must be met to qualify for this visa.
  • There is also an EB-2 visa, which requires a labor certification to obtain. However, there are times where a national interest waiver is available, which allows an applicant to skip this labor certification process. In order to obtain this waiver, you have to prove why your entry into the country would greatly benefit the United States.

No matter who you are, you’ll need some legal help when going through the immigration process. But those who qualify for the three stipulations above also need legal help, given the special and unique requirements of their situation. At Ware|Gasparian, we are qualified to handle — and have experience dealing with — such cases.