The many types of non-immigrant employment visas

From time to time, organizations need a little help with their workforce. Maybe a new deal was struck or a new project just got underway, and as a result, the company or organization is in need of extra workers to help them achieve their goals. When this occurs, sometimes the organization looks outside of the U.S. borders to obtain that talent.

Non-immigrant employment visas come in many different types, and they can all prove very helpful for not only the organization in question, but also the employee who makes the move. Down the line, if the individual shows good moral character and has a successful stay in the U.S., there could be opportunities for the individual to come back to the U.S. on a more permanent basis.

If you take a look at our page for non-immigrant employment visas, you will see the many different types of these visas. There are visas for religious workers (called R-1 visas); there are special visas for citizens of Mexico and Canada; there are visas reserved for those with extraordinary skills or abilities in their respective field (O-1 visas); and there are various visas for investors or businessmen with a wide range of requirements and rules.

We have a vast amount of experience at Ware|Gasparian with employment immigration, and the many different obstacles that can arise for both organizations and individuals. If you need help sorting through your specific employment immigration issue, we can support you or your organization to ensure that the situation is resolved.