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November 2014 Archives

Obama announces sweeping immigration reform with executive order

As many people have heard, President Barack Obama recently made an executive order that will overhaul U.S. immigration law for the time being. It promises numerous positive outcomes for people who are in the United States without legal status, and it could lead to some truly great changes to our country's immigration laws in the future.

What is a green card, and how do you get one?

Many people have heard the phrase "getting a green card" before, but what does it actually mean to get a green card? Most people may think that getting a green card is like getting U.S. citizenship. That assertion is not correct, though a green card does put someone on the path to obtain U.S. citizenship, if they were to pursue it. Still, a green card does not equal citizenship.

Population projections show importance of immigration

A very interesting article by a New York Times writer provides a theory for how nations should adapt in the coming decades to population growth. It is in response to a new study that found that, unlike previous studies on the same topic, the population of the Earth isn't peaking. In fact, the study projects that by 2100, it is conceivable that we will have 12.3 billion on the planet (the current population is 7.2 billion).

I-9 compliance is a major part of employment immigration

When it comes to the topic of immigration, much of the focus is on the individual. A person is trying to get into the United States, and they must complete certain processes in order to make that happen. Immigration is inherently a topic that deals with individuals -- though that's not what immigration is all about.