Things you should know about America’s work visa flaws

Many immigrants arrive in Louisiana through programs designed to connect able-bodied employees with U.S. employers who have job opportunities available. Such people travel to this country under approved status. The work visa program enables them to earn an income while residing in the United States. If you or someone you know has participated in this program, you might also be aware of its flaws.

Immigrant advocates have long decried the work visa system and have repeatedly called for reform. They say the program helps foreign nationals gain employment in the United States but does nothing to ensure that they can exercise their rights to the fullest while residing here. Several notable issues can not only cause complications for people immigrating to the U.S. but could spark legal problems as well.

If you came here on a work visa, you might not be eligible for a green card

One of the issues that immigrant advocates often raise regarding the work visa program is that most immigrants who come to Louisiana or other states as part of the program typically are never able to become permanent residents or naturalized citizens, for that matter. This may come as unfortunate news to you if you have lived and worked in the U.S. for numerous years and were hoping to attain citizenship.

If you were part of a work visa program in 2019, you are among more than two million migrant workers who joined the American work force that year. With millions of workers who boost national and regional economies, advocates say reform is necessary to ensure full protection of their rights. As a foreign national working in the United States, it’s important to know where to seek support if a legal problem arises.

Immigrant advocates push for fair wages

As an employee who came to the U.S. on a work visa, you may not be making equal wages to your American counterparts. Immigrant advocates, including labor union representatives, say that one of the most important reforms currently needed is wage protection for migrant workers. Advocates have called upon the U.S. government to do the right thing and ensure that foreign nationals receive the same wages as their American colleagues.

Those calling for reforms in the U.S. immigration system also say the work visa program should provide a path to citizenship for the millions of workers who offer their skills and talents to the American workforce. If you or your family member are facing legal problems related to a work visa, it might be best to seek professional counsel rather than try to resolve the issue on your own.