The U.S. economy needs immigrant workers

The Biden Administration has initiated efforts to improve the U.S. economy, boost the workforce and solidify the country’s economic standing on the world stage. One way the administration intends to do this is through the reindustrialization of the economy, but this will require many additional workers. Immigration is often a catalyst for economic growth on both nationwide and local levels, including in Louisiana. 

A growing, healthy economy 

Many industries and major employers rely on immigrant workers to fill certain critical roles. However, immigration restrictions and visa application backlogs have prevented many qualified individuals from entering the country. Improving immigration is a step forward in accomplishing economic growth, but it is difficult to make a meaningful change due to political infighting and other issues. 

In addition to qualifications for certain important roles, immigrants can also contribute to positive population growth in certain areas. They may also contribute to the overall financial health of local areas, and they may benefit local economies through entrepreneurial endeavors. Immigrant workers are innovative, productive and beneficial to the U.S. economy as a whole in ways that are invaluable, but also difficult to measure and often overlooked. 

Improving immigration is good for everyone 

Fixing the immigration system is a daunting task, but it will benefit multiple aspects of the economy on every level. Those hoping to enter Louisiana to live and work will benefit from having experienced guidance as they navigate their visa application process. Seeking the insight of a knowledgeable immigration attorney can prove helpful at every step and possibly reduce the chance that an applicant will experience difficulty along the way.