Will there be any changes to H-1B visa processing this year?

Those who dream of living and working in the United States often find the process of securing the permission they need to do so difficult to obtain. The U.S. immigration system is complex, and there is a major backlog of visa applications that need to be processed. If an applicant is hoping to come to Louisiana for employment purposes, it may be helpful to understand if there are any changes to the H-1B process to be expected this year.

Qualifying for an employment-based visa

There are different types of visas available to those who want to enter the U.S. for work purposes. The H1-B visa is available for individuals who are professionals in specialty occupations. This includes founders of companies, CEOs and other individuals who are distinguished in their individual fields. Case processing delays have made it very difficult for qualified individuals to get approval.

The Biden Administration is working to reduce processing times. Soon, companies can register their candidates for the H1-B lottery. Due to the selective nature of these visas, qualified individuals will benefit from having assistance as they navigate the application process.

Fighting for one’s immigration goals

The immigration process is lengthy, confusing and overwhelming for many applicants. If there is a potential worker who wishes to live in Louisiana for work purposes, it will be helpful to seek the guidance of a qualified attorney. This guidance can make the application process smoother and reduce the chance that an applicant will experience a setback with his or her immigration case.