Nearly a million people completed path to citizenship in 2022

One of the goals of many around the world is to become a citizen of the United States, perhaps living and working in Florida. Each year, millions apply for different types of visas and permission to enter the country for different reasons. Once in the country, immigrants often discover that they want to remain in the country permanently. The path to citizenship is not always easy, but over the past year, almost one million people completed this journey and were naturalized as U.S. citizens. 

Statistics about the citizenship process 

Statistics say that during the 2022 fiscal year, which ended at the end of September, almost 970,000 took their oath of citizenship. This is the third-highest number of new citizens in one year. Many of these naturalized citizens had lived in the United States as permanent residents for at least three to five years before they completed the process.  

The naturalization process can be lengthy and complicated, but there is a fast-track option available for those in the military. To become a U.S. citizen, one will typically have to prove that he or she has an understanding of the U.S. government, U.S. history and the English language. After obtaining citizenship, immigrants can vote in elections and enjoy other benefits. 

Assistance with the citizenship process 

The naturalization process is difficult, as is the process of obtaining visas and securing permanent residence. Immigrants will benefit from seeking the guidance of a Florida immigration attorney from the earliest steps of this process. With guidance, it may be easier to meet immigration goals and avoid unnecessary setbacks.