Work permits for some immigrant workers extended through 2024

Those who want to live in the United States and work in Louisiana must have the appropriate permission to enter the country and find employment. The work permits available to many immigrant workers are only available for a certain amount of time, and staying in the United States for a longer period could result in the threat of deportation. For many immigrant workers, a recent announcement from the Biden Administration brought hope regarding their current status.

Permission to remain in the U.S.

The Biden Administration recently announced that it would extend the temporary legal status of approximately 337,000 immigrant workers. This applies to those from El Salvador, Honduras, Nepal and Nicaragua, allowing them to stay in the country through 2024. This was in advance of a court decision that could have led to an expiration of their legal status during 2023.

The announcement stated that these individuals could remain in the country and continue working under the Temporary Protected Status policy. This policy is designed to provide protection and deportation relief for those who are from countries facing humanitarian crisis, war and other dangerous conditions. Those who benefit from TPS will not have an automatic path to citizenship unless they apply for a different alternative.

Seeking immigration help

The immigration process in the United States is complex and confusing. Someone who is facing deportation concerns or wants to learn more about options regarding work permits will benefit from the experienced guidance of a knowledgeable Louisiana attorney. This help may be invaluable as one seeks to accomplish his or her immigration goals.