Some states ask for extension of law keeping migrants out

Some states recently asked a federal judge for an extension of Title 42. This is a law set in place by the prior presidential administration that severely limits the number of asylum-seekers allowed to enter the country. The current administration has actively worked to end Title 42, but some states, including Louisiana, protest lifting these restrictions. They claim that allowing more migrants in would cause harm to their states.

Would it cause financial burdens?

One reason given by states asking for an extension of Title 42 is the possibility of excessive financial strain on their states when involuntarily hosting an influx of migrants. The states believe they have some sovereign authority regarding the entrance of asylum-seekers within their borders. This request came just last week after a federal judge vacated the rule that many say was inhumane and unfair.

Those against Title 42 stated that the law allowed border officials to turn migrants away before they had a chance to make a claim for asylum. When put in place, the rule was said to be in the interest of public safety as this was during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some say it was not truly motivated by health concerns, but rather was a border control method.

Immigration help and support

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