Immigration reform would help farmers across the country

The U.S. immigration system is broken, and improvements are critical to relieve application backlogs, fill important job vacancies, reunite Louisiana families and more. One area that has been negatively impacted by problems within the immigration system is agriculture. With fewer capable and skilled individuals getting permission to enter the country, many farmers are struggling to keep up with demand. 

Food shortages and other problems 

Farmers across the country are campaigning for immigration reform, saying that the lack of immigrant workers has led to food shortages and other issues in their industry. Shortages of laborers have slowed production, leaving shelves empty and causing rising food prices. Farmers say that the Farm Workforce Modernization Act could provide the relief they need.  

If passed, this act would provide immigrants with a more streamlined path to citizenship, eventually providing a reliable workforce. The program would benefit undocumented immigrant workers, and it would bring reform to the seasonal farmworker visa program. Farmers believe this could provide important and necessary help, but there are some who believe the act could promote an unfair balance of power between immigrant farm workers and farm owners. 

Seeking immigrant answers 

There is no easy solution to immigration problems, but this current action may be a positive step forward. Those seeking a path to citizenship or a visa will benefit from working with an experienced Louisiana attorney.  This legal guidance may prevent setbacks and help one accomplish his or her immigration goals in a timely manner.