What is the future of employment-based immigration

Those hoping to enter the United States for the purpose of work often face extensive challenges as they navigate all the legal requirements of the immigration system. Recently, those who wanted to obtain employment-based immigration visas had some reason to hope the process may become easier and fairer with the proposal of immigration reform legislation. However, these efforts seem to have stalled, leaving many to wonder about the future.

Dealing with a visa backlog problem

One of the most pressing issues facing those who want an employment visa is the backlog of applications. The backlog of applications for employment-based green cards has grown throughout the pandemic, and processing times have slowed due to office closures and staffing backlogs. It was hoped that new legislation could improve this process, but these efforts seem to have hit a roadblock.

Employment-based immigration is critical for the success of the U.S. economy. There are some highly skilled positions often filled by individuals from other countries, and with a slowdown in visa processing, many important roles remain unfilled. Even with efforts from the Biden Administration and other leaders, meaningful legislative changes have not yet happened.

Help for those seeking visas

Securing a visa for employment-based purposes remains a difficult process. Anyone attempting to navigate this process will benefit from the guidance of an experienced immigration attorney. An assessment of one’s case and goals will provide insight into what one can expect from the process and how to avoid setbacks.