H1-B visas keeping skilled immigrants from entering United States

A significant number of visa applications are in limbo as they await processing. The U.S. immigration system has been affected by issues such as pandemic-related shutdowns, office closures, remote workers and other factors that has led to a backlog of processing of H-1B visas. This means that many skilled workers have been prevented from entering the country, leaving many jobs in Louisiana and across the country without qualified individuals to fill them.

Immigration and economic benefits

Allowing skilled immigrant workers to enter the country is critical for the success and competitive advantage of the U.S. economy. Studies find that tech companies and other industries are not as successful when they do not have sufficient numbers of immigrant workers to fill critical roles. Immigrants also benefit the economy because they are frequently entrepreneurs, starting new small businesses.

Immigrant workers are also more likely to file for patents than entrepreneurs and inventors born in the United States. H-1B visas are specifically designated for skilled workers in specific fields, helping U.S. employers secure the employees they need to succeed. However, the H-1B process is failing, and applicants have to navigate a complex backlog and review process simply to find out if they have approval to enter the country.

Legal help at every step

The immigration process is complex, regardless of one’s specific goals. When applying for a specific visa, such as an H-1B visa, it may help to have legal guidance from a Louisiana immigration attorney at each step of the process. This allows one to have the legal guidance and input necessary to effectively navigate the immigration process.