Ending Title 42 will bring benefits to the immigration system

Immigration and the process of seeking asylum in Louisiana are complex processes, and certain regulations in place make it even more difficult for one to meet individual immigration goals. Title 42 is an example of these regulations, a policy that allowed border officials to turn away individuals at the border during the pandemic due to health concerns. The Biden Administration has recently announced its intention to begin phasing out this ruling, but several states are fighting to keep it in place.

Seeking safety in the United States

The United States has always been a place of safety and refuge for those from other countries who are fleeing violence and threats in their home countries. Seeking asylum has long been a complicated process, and many cases must go through appeals process. Many believe the current rules and processes create dangerous and complicated situations for migrants.

Immigration advocates say that the United States has successfully managed numbers of asylum seekers in the past, and it can do so again if given the opportunity. They argue that the country has the obligation to provide opportunities to those fleeing the threat of violence and unrest. Ending Title 42 will benefit those trying to enter the country, find safety and reunite with their families.

Legal advocacy is critical

Asylum seekers and others attempting to enter the country will benefit from the guidance of an experienced Louisiana immigration attorney. This assistance can prove invaluable for one who is trying to obtain legal residence, reunite with loved ones or fill employment needs. An assessment of the specific case can provide insight regarding the most appropriate way to navigate this complex system and accomplish specific immigration goals.