Biden Administration considers increasing number of work visas

Over the last few years, the immigration process in the United States has been especially cumbersome and difficult thanks to shutdowns and a growing backlog in visa applications. While the backlog of visa applications has been steadily growing, so has the employment difficulties in Louisiana and across the country. In order to ease the strain and ease the migration challenges in Central America, the Biden Administration is considering increasing the number of work-related visas available. 

Will more visas help the problem? 

The announcement precedes a visit to the United States by the Mexican president. The tensions over immigration have been rising as high numbers of migrants from Central America move through Mexico with the intention of eventually crossing into the United States. The 300,000 new visas would be temporary, with 150,000 designated for Mexicans or those waiting for entry in Mexico. 

The other 150,000 temporary work visas will be distributed proportionately between different countries in Central America. There is reason to believe that work visas could provide much-needed labor in certain industries, such as agriculture. However, opponents say that adding such a high number of visas is imprudent with a possible recession soon. 

Seeking entry into the United States 

Seeking entry into the United States is a complex process. Those seeking a work-related visa will benefit from securing the guidance of an attorney who can provide guidance at every step of the process, including the application. An assessment of one’s goals can provide insight regarding the type of visa one should seek and how to pursue a successful outcome.