New visas may be available for business start-ups

A recent move from the House Rule Committee could provide new opportunities for those hoping to come to the United States for work purposes. The committee suggested a new type of visa that is specifically for individuals coming to the United States to produce innovations, including new business start-ups. If this passes, it could bring significant benefits for Florida immigrants in certain math and science fields, as well as immigrant entrepreneurs. 

An immigrant start-up visa 

Supporters of this bill say that without this specific type of visa, the United States could be missing out on certain types of talent. As other countries, such as Canada, do have a visa for start-ups, this could leave the United States at a disadvantage. Immigrant entrepreneurs and innovators bring significant benefits for the economy, as well as in the advancement of technology and other areas. 

There are specific requirements for this type of visa. The applicant must provide evidence of his or her role in a start-up, such as the management of the operation or financial investment. Those who qualify for this type of visa may eventually apply to adjust his or her status to a lawful permanent resident. 

Options for immigrants 

Those seeking to enter the country for employment purposes will benefit from the guidance of an experienced Florida immigration attorney. From applying for a visa to navigating challenges that arise during the process, having this guidance can prove invaluable from the start. Anyone facing immigration concerns will benefit from starting with an assessment of his or her case and an explanation of legal options.