Long waits for those applying for E-2 investor visas

The process of gaining entry into the United States is a long and arduous process, especially for those seeking certain types of visas. Gaining permission to live and work in the United States is based on applying for a specific visa based on the immigrant’s goals and purpose for living in Louisiana. Securing a visa can be a difficult and lengthy process, including foreign investors seeking an E-2 investor visa. This type of visa would allow an investor and his or her family to enter this country for up to five years.

Slowdowns and setbacks

There are many benefits to securing an E-2 visa. They may be renewable as long as the business is operating in the United States, allowing the investor and family to remain the country longer. Children can attend school, and spouses can find employment. In order to get this type of visa, the applicant must be from a country that has an investment treaty with the United States.

The application process normally takes a few months, but foreign investors have been waiting much longer. Because of the pandemic, there has been a backlog in applicant processing and securing an interview. This means some have invested their money but have yet to be able to attend to the business they funded.

Securing an interview

One of the main issues with securing an interview is that they must take place at a U.S. consulate. At this point, some interviews taking a year or longer to schedule. Any applicant seeking an E-2 visa will find it beneficial to work with a Louisiana attorney who can fight for an interview and help overcome obstacles along the way.