Immigration is a tool in the battle for economic dominance

It is no secret that the United States has complex and often tense relations with China, especially in areas related to trade, technology and science. In many ways, bringing bright and deserving individuals into the country for educational and employment purposes can do much to put the United States in the forefront. However, due to strict immigration regulations and an immense backlog of visa applications, it is more difficult than ever for those hoping to enter the country and settle in Louisiana.

Suggested changes may bring hope

Lawmakers have put in a significant effort to pass immigration reform that would have a meaningful impact. However, they have not yet been successful. One representative recently suggested adding a new category of visas, something that could bring hope to many. This visa would be available to entrepreneurs, essential employees of startups, and their children and spouses.

By adding this category of visa, the United States could gain a significant advantage in the technology sector. This lawmaker also suggests taking steps to retain individuals who are currently in this country pursuing STEM degrees. Many believe that the key to dominance over China lies with U.S. immigrants.

Assistance for immigrants

Getting permission to live and work in the United States is not easy to obtain, regardless of the type of visa one is seeking. However, working with an experienced Louisiana attorney may provide one with a certain advantage. Legal guidance at every step of the immigration process will reduce the chance for complications and make it more likely that one eventually reaches his or her immigration goals.