New changes mean one less requirement for green cards

Receiving permission to enter the United States or live in the country permanently is the dream of many immigrants in Louisiana. Unfortunately, securing green cards is a remarkably complex process, and recent backlogs has slowed immigration processes on all levels. However, recent changes mean there is one less requirement for those wanting permanent residence. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is currently waiving the medical examination previously required for green card applicants.

What does this mean for new applications?

Part of the green card application process was a medical examination that determined whether the individual trying secure residence was in good health and up to date on vaccinations. It was a key requirement in the process, but just recently, the USCIS announced it would waive it temporarily. This may make it easier for some to reach their immigration goals.

It is likely that this reprieve will last through fall of 2022. The reason for this decision is due to the processing delays experienced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, related office closures and an immense backlog of applications. Lifting this requirement may make the process faster and easier.

Know what to expect

Even with one less requirement, seeking a green card can be a complex and frustrating process. A Louisiana applicant seeking permanent residence will find it beneficial to work with an experienced attorney in order to know what to expect at every step. Having this support and guidance can reduce the chance of complications and provide one with a higher chance of success with his or her immigration goals.