The United States is in critical need of visa reform

Obtaining permission to legally enter the United States on specific types of work visas is difficult for virtually every deserving immigrant entrepreneur. Some who hope to live and work in Louisiana via a specific type of visa may find it especially challenging because of limited spots, application backlogs and other complications. At this point, the United States is in critical need of visa reform to stay competitive with other countries with simpler processes and ample business opportunities.  

The benefits of immigration 

Immigration is a wonderful way to allow deserving individuals to bring their gifts, talents and business ideas to this country yet some of these brilliant minds and talented applicants are going to other countries instead because of current immigration laws and regulations. To regain its footing as a desired location, it’s been said that the United States should consider visa reform. Suggestions for this include simplifying and streamlining the process. 

One of the most important facets of the American economy is the immigrant entrepreneur. However, it is increasingly difficult for these businesspeople to secure the right type of visa required for entry. Over the last few years, the number of these entrepreneurs has dropped by almost 4,500. 

What’s the answer? 

Immigration advocates say the visa process is a serious hurdle for immigrant entrepreneurs. The complexity of completing the application process is driving talent to other countries, and some wait for extremely long periods of time to know the status of their application. A better entrepreneur visa system could bring in talent and keep the American economy competitive and successful.