New hope for those seeking green cards

Foreign citizens hoping to live and work in Louisiana may face various challenges as they apply and wait for a green card. Securing permanent residence is a complex process, but it is possible certain proposed changes could make it simpler and easier for specific immigration applicants. By allowing authorities to recapture unused green cards, it could provide relief to many immigrants waiting on approval for permanent legal status.

Part of a potential reconciliation plan

The effort to reclaim unused green cards is included as part of a proposed reconciliation plan being considered by the House of Representatives. If put into action, the plan would allow the government to recall unused family-based and employment-based green cards. This represents one of the most realistic opportunities for immigration reform as larger, more broad efforts for improvement have not been successful.

There are strict limits to the number of green cards available for applicants from specific countries each year. This provision could help reduce the logjam of applicants from certain countries. Foreign citizens may also get the opportunity to pay fees that allow them to be exempted from per-country visa limits.

Unanswered questions

Many immigrants waiting on permanent legal status may wonder how this could affect them. While it is not clear if this reconciliation will pass, it does offer some hope for those waiting on green cards. An individual hoping to enter the United States may benefit from an explanation of his or her legal options from a Louisiana immigration attorney.