Common misconceptions about immigration laws

Entering the United States can be a complicated process, and Florida immigrants and families often find themselves trying to navigate complicated procedures or understand difficult laws. In some cases, misconceptions about certain laws may prevent someone from pursuing his or her immigration goals, and these myths can also impact reform efforts. Currently, myths about green card recapture and status adjustment is causing confusion for some, especially in light of ongoing debates about immigration reform.

Myths about obtaining legal status

There is a significant backlog of family-based green card applications. A certain number of green cards is reserved for business immigration, but that does not mean individual applicants do not benefit. Employment-based visas have a smaller backlog, and they offer the opportunity for deserving individuals to enter the United States and provide employment opportunities to family members as well.

There are also misconceptions about the recapture of unused green cards and the specific applicants that may be eligible for them. Unfortunately, green card caps per country may make it difficult for some to get legal status. Changes in immigration laws could improve the situation for many deserving individuals in countries pursuing family-based immigration.

Achieving immigration goals

If one has concerns about his or her specific immigration goals, it will be helpful to speak with an experienced Florida immigration law attorney. Myths and misconceptions about the effects of certain laws can affect individual applicants, as well as drive important legislative decisions. It is imperative to have the right information before taking critical steps regarding a green card application or other immigration-related concern.