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Why did the USCIS deny my green card renewal?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | US Immigration Law |

Immigration to the United States often includes complicated processes and long, frustrating waits. Obtaining a green card, or permanent resident card, is no exception. The U.S. government offers limited categories through which a foreign national must apply, and each category contains a list of eligibility requirements. Additionally, many categories allow a limited number of applicants to obtain green cards each year. This is why, when it comes time to renew one’s permanent residenceit can be a shock if the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services denies that application. 

When a green card is due for renewal, it is wise to not wait until the last minute. Wait times seem to get longer each year, and one will want a cushion of time in case the process hits a snag. One very serious snag is a denial, and this may occur for any of the following reasons: 

  • An application submitted sooner than six months before the green card expires 
  • Mistakes or missing information on the application 
  • Submission of the incorrect form for the extension request 
  • False information that the USCIS determines is intentionally fraudulent 
  • A judgment for the removal of the green card holder from the country 
  • Travel for more than six months outside the United States 
  • A green card that expires while one is traveling outside the country 
  • Failure to pay income taxes 
  • Certain criminal convictions 

Facing the denial of a green card extension or renewal can be devastating, especially if one has family and other obligations in the United States. Once the USCIS denies an application for a green card renewal, it can be very challenging to regain one’s permanent residence. It is always a good idea to deal quickly with any issues that may affect one’s immigration status.   

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