How to lose US permanent residency

Getting a green card is usually the last step before an immigrant can apply for citizenship. Although someone’s end goal might be to become a citizen, achieving U.S. permanent residency is a very significant step. However, the term permanent resident can be misleading. Being granted this status does not necessarily guarantee that immigrants in Louisiana cannot be removed from the country.

Immigrants living in America may wish to visit their home countries to visit loved ones or travel abroad on vacations. Permanent residents are allowed to make these trips as long as they are short term. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will cancel a person’s green card if he or she leaves the country for longer than a year. A green card can also be canceled for establishing residency in a different country.

Permanent residents are required to pay taxes, so they must declare their incomes to both Louisiana income tax authorities as well as the Internal Revenue Service. These individuals also cannot declare the status of “nonimmigrant” for U.S. tax returns. The USCIS can cancel a person’s green card for either of these actions.

Even if someone does not intend to become a citizen, U.S. permanent residency is usually a safe way to remain in the country. However, the term “permanent” might mislead some people to believe that they cannot lose their green cards. In fact, there are several ways in which immigrants living in Louisiana might lose this status. It is usually a good idea for permanent residents to thoroughly familiarize themselves with these actions and potential outcomes.