US immigration law: Will new initiative include asylum seekers?

The federal government is reportedly planning to launch a new initiative that may affect Louisiana residents who have immigrant family members. U.S. immigration law is complex and often changes, so it is difficult to stay updated on new laws, policies and initiatives, even if one is well-versed in immigration issues. The new regulation would require people who are detained after entering the United States between official points of entry to submit DNA samples. It is meant to apply to anyone who enters the country without proper immigration documentation.

The samples would be acquired through a cheek swab, and information would be entered into a national database. This database is regularly accessed by the FBI and other agencies as a means of searching criminal histories. The problem is that many of the immigrants who would be submitting DNA samples are people who have never been convicted of any crime.

This is what has many immigrant advocates upset. They say it would violate the personal privacy rights of many people. Some arrive at U.S. borders and seek asylum. It is not clear whether they too would have to provide samples of their DNA to government officials.

If a Louisiana resident is currently facing U.S. immigration law problems concerning asylum, criminal charges or legal status issues, a meeting with an experienced immigration attorney may help. This is typically the swiftest way to seek clarification of current regulations and to determine a best course of action in a particular set of circumstances. Especially if a personal rights issue has arisen, an attorney knows what steps to take to protect such rights in court.