How can I use family immigration for my loved one?

Living near family is very important to a lot of people, but it is not always easy. United States citizens or green card holders might miss their loved ones who live in different countries. With family immigration, it is possible to help a family member establish permanent residency in Louisiana.

If a person is already a U.S. citizen, he or she can petition for a spouse, children younger than 21, parents, unmarried or married children older than 21, grandchildren, siblings and siblings’ spouses. This is in the order of who will receive priority when immigration officials are considering petitions. This means that a spouse will be a higher priority than a grandchild or sibling. A person who has a green card can only petition for his or her spouse, children younger than 21 and unmarried children older than 21. These are just two of the several options for applicants who are either in another country or who come to the United States legally.

There are also options for family members who are living in or entered the country illegally. Re-entry rules let these immigrants leave the country and wait to return until after a specified period of time. The Violence Against Women Act can also help. If a woman who is in the country illegally — including spouses, parents and children of citizens — has suffered violence, she can file for legal status on her own. Charges may have to be filed against the alleged abuser in order for a woman to file.

Family immigration is not just one thing. A person who is a U.S. citizen has different options than someone who is a permanent resident of Louisiana. Completing the wrong application or process can eat up valuable time and money, so people should be sure that they understand what steps they are supposed to take.