Is employment immigration the right choice for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs from across the globe are ready to bring their innovations and business ideas to the United States. However, finding the correct path to doing so can be tricky. While some choose to first pursue employment immigration, there are other options that might give entrepreneurs more time to focus on their personal business ventures.

The International Entrepreneur rule was supposed to be implemented in July 2017, and it would have granted certain entrepreneurs 30 months to develop and build their companies in Louisiana and across the rest of the United States. The Department of Homeland Security had predicted that 3,000 entrepreneurs a year would have benefited from this rule. Unfortunately, this rule was delayed and it is possible that it will be rescinded altogether. Entrepreneurs have other options, though.

For example, some people who want to develop business ideas first travel to the United States with the H-1B employment visa. These individuals use their free time away from work for their own personal ventures. Others find that entering the country through the O-1 extraordinary ability visa is a good option. Although this visa is not necessarily intended for entrepreneurs, scientists and developers are increasingly using it. The H-4 visa is available to the immediate family members of workers who hold H-1B visas, and can be another option for entrepreneurs to stay in the country.

Employment immigration may be a stepping stone for some entrepreneurs, but it is not the only available path. Many international entrepreneurs living in Louisiana have found success by using visas other than the H-1B. Working through the immigration system can be a lengthy process, so entrepreneurs who are hoping to develop their ideas in the United States should not delay on submitting their applications. To avoid additional unnecessary delays, it can be helpful to have an experienced attorney review the documents first.