Helpful tips for dealing with US immigration law

It would be nice if the immigration process were quicker and less confusing, but it is often a long journey with many different kinds of obstacles. Because of this, navigating U.S. immigration law is a lot harder than it may seem at first. Some of the following tips may be helpful for Louisiana immigrants who are struggling with the process.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services does not process applications quickly, and indeed the agency is almost always behind schedule. Depending on the circumstances and type of application, the process can take as long as three years. It is important to expect delays and to submit paperwork and applications for anything as early as possible. Even if a person has already applied to have his or her visa or green card renewed, if it is expired then he or she could still be arrested and deported.

Since the USCIS does not process applications in a timely manner, it is extremely important to update changes of address as soon as possible. A person should be sure to send in written notice of the address change to all of the different USCIS offices handling the application. Any immigrant who stays at a different address for 30 days or longer is also required to submit an address change. If an entire family is living in a new location, each person will need his or her own change of address form.

It is also a good idea to keep copies of all applications and evidence that the applications were submitted. This can come in handy if any USCIS agency needs to request another copy of an application or requires confirmation that it was submitted properly and in the correct time frame. While there is much more to the immigration process, immigrants who are living in Louisiana may find that these tips for dealing with U.S. immigration law can be helpful.