What’s going on with family immigration?

Helping loved ones successfully immigrate to the United States is a priority for many immigrants who are already living here in Louisiana. As it currently stands, family immigration is a cornerstone of the process. However, changes that would compromise the success of family immigration could be on the horizon.

President Trump recently announced a proposal that would shift the focus away from family immigration to a more merit-based system in which applicants would have to accrue points. This plan would prioritize those with certain skills and educational backgrounds over those who have family ties in the United States. For those who are still hoping to sponsor their family members, this new proposal may be extremely upsetting.

Individuals who have higher levels of education and who come from generally wealthier backgrounds could find that they are prioritized under this new proposal. According to the proposal, a deciding factor would likely hinge on a person’s potential employability in the United States. It is possible that an immigrant’s ability to even create additional U.S. jobs could also be a criteria under a new plan.

Family immigration is still a good option for people living and working in Louisiana.These changes are still just part of a proposal, which means that those hoping to sponsor their family members still have the opportunity to do so. However, with potential change coming at some point in the future, some families might want to wrap up this process sooner rather than later. Working alongside an experienced attorney may be helpful for families who want to cut down on time they might end up wasting if they tried to navigate U.S. immigration law by themselves.