Preparing for immigration interviews

Starting a new life in Louisiana can be exciting, but there are many layers of applications and steps that immigrants must go through before calling this state home. Immigration interviews are just one of those steps, which many people feel unprepared for. Those who have an upcoming interview might want to keep the following in mind.

Interviews are conducted by an officer with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, so preparing for the interview is important. Most people should be prepared to answer a broad range of questions, including personal questions. However, this does not mean that individuals need to elaborate or offer information that the USCIS officer did not ask about. Answering only the questions is best.

When English is not a person’s first language, it is okay to ask the officer to repeat a question they did not understand. This helps avoid any confusion and can prevent accidentally providing incorrect information. It is also acceptable for people to admit that they do not know the answer to a question. Those who cannot understand English should bring along an interpreter to prevent confusion during the interview.

Individuals should also be sure to bring any related documents, including both the originals and copies that can be left with the USCIS officer. Preparing those documents can be difficult, though, so those hoping to immigrate to the United States often choose to seek guidance from an immigration law lawyer. Louisiana attorneys who are experienced dealing with matters like immigration interviews can usually help people prepare for the process.