Overstaying visa is a common occurrence in immigration

Undocumented immigrants who are living in Louisiana have to deal with a myriad of fears everyday. However, not all of these immigrants are individuals who crossed the border without the proper documentation. In the United States, individuals overstaying their visas far outpaces other forms of undocumented immigration. People in this situation might feel invisible and without any options for making the United States their legal home, but some may have more options than they realize.

Immigrants who enter the country on visas usually have the best of intentions. Many of these individuals come on visas for work or as students, while others arrive with tourist visas. These visas generally come with an expiration date, but there are not really any systems in place that make sure immigrants leave once their time is up.

Why people overstay their visas is not entirely clear. For some people it could be little more than an accident, while for others it could feel like the best option for a difficult situation. It may help some people in this situation to understand that they are not alone, as the number of people overstaying visas outpaced those crossing at the border by approximately two to one.

Whether to work, for education or to go sightseeing, coming to the United States on a visa is a good option for some people. However, it can be easier than some might think to end up accidentally overstaying that visa. Undocumented immigrants living in Louisiana who are worried about the repercussions of having an expired visa may want to speak with an immigration attorney to determine what their options are for moving forward.