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Living and working in Louisiana might seem like just a dream, but it can be a reality. Employment immigration is a popular way for some workers to come to the United States. However, there is no one-size-fits-all visa that covers all of employment-based immigration. Here are a few options that may apply to various situations.

Annually, the U.S. government makes available about 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas. In most cases — although not always — a U.S. based employer will file the paperwork for its employee. These visas vary in application, and may be utilized by priority workers seeking EB-1 visas, those with exceptional abilities or advanced degrees seeking EB-2 visas, skilled professionals filing with EB-3 visas and more. The qualifications for these visas vary.

But what about those who do not want to work for an already established company, and instead want to start their own? Investors and entrepreneurs have a couple different options for achieving these dreams. There are different options for investors who plan to invest in U.S.-based businesses as well as for entrepreneurs planning to start businesses with at least 10 employees working full-time.

These are far from the only options for employment immigration. However, having more options does not always make things clearer, and indeed trying to narrow down which application to pursue can be overwhelming and confusing. Although in some cases a future Louisiana employer might help file paperwork, most people can still benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney who can help ensure that they are pursuing the correct path.

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