US immigration law changes could negatively impact Iran

Louisiana readers know that immigration is a hot topic right now, and potential new changes could make it even more complex. New proposed legislation could pass sometime soon, which could negatively some people waiting to get green cards. Skilled laborers applying for green cards from Iran could be more negatively impacted by this potential new U.S. immigration law than those from other countries.

The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017, if passed, would essentially eliminate the current limitations that allow countries to have a certain percentage of the 140,000 green cards issued by the United States each year. There are some who believe this will benefit green card applicants from larger countries. Those from smaller countries, such as Iran, could have much lower chances of obtaining permission to enter the U.S.

Many large technology companies support this proposed bill, while others hotly contest it. There are over 300,000 people in line for a green card from India and 67,000 from China. If this current bill passes, it is possible that most of the green cards for skilled labor could go to those from India. This would leave skilled Iranian workers trying to come to the U.S. with little opportunity to do so. 

U.S. immigration law matters are complex. Louisiana readers facing immigration-related complications do not have face these issues alone. If a green card applicant has concerns about what this proposed bill could mean for his or her case, it could be beneficial for that person to discuss his or her concerns with an experienced immigration attorney.