Special concerns for DACA recipients who are parents

There are many concerns a foreign national living here in America could have when there is the possibility of a major change in the immigration benefits and options available to them. This includes concerns over what impacts the change could have for their children.

One major change that it slated to soon occur in the U.S. is an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Under this program, certain individuals who came to the U.S. when they were kids had eligibility for work permits and protection from deportation. The program is set to be closed down after a six-month winding-down period. So, unless Congress passes a law regarding DACA recipients or other actions are taken to change the situation, DACA recipients could, in the near future, end up losing protections and benefits.

In addition to their own future, another thing this potential change could raise uncertainty regarding for DACA recipients is their children’s future. One study estimates that around a quarter of DACA recipients have at least one child who holds U.S. citizenship. Concerns such parents may have include concerns over what a loss of DACA protections would mean for their ability to stay with their child and give their child the kind of life they want.

There are nearly 700,000 individuals who receive benefits under the DACA program. So, there could be a lot of families out their dealing with these concerns.

One wonders if any actions, including congressional actions, will be taken as the program’s end approaches. If they are, one wonders what they will end up meaning for DACA recipients and their children.

When parents are dealing with immigration matters, how concerns they have regarding how these matters will affect their children are addressed can be very impactful. Individual circumstances can greatly impact what sorts of measures may be available for addressing these concerns. So, when a person living in the U.S. has concerns about how their family members could be impacted by an immigration issue that has arisen for them, they may want to discuss their concerns and options with an immigration lawyer.

Source: The Atlantic, “Will DACA Parents Be Forced to Leave Their U.S.-Citizen Children Behind?,” Priscilla Alvarez, Oct. 21, 2017