International student applications down at many U.S. business schools

There are many different types of education international students could pursue in the United States. This includes business education. It appears that recently, though, interest in coming to study at U.S. business schools may be down among students from other countries.

A recent survey asked U.S. schools that provide two-year MBA programs about international applicants to such programs for the 2017-2018 school year. The survey results indicated that around three-quarters of these programs saw fewer such applicants for that school year than they did for the previous one.

Why have many business schools recently been seeing fewer applications from international students? College deans noted that it could be due to concerns among such students over things like:

  • The political climate in the United States.
  • What sort of debt situation they would face from studying in the United States.
  • What immigration options they would have after they are done with their studies. This includes concerns about the future of the H-1B work visa program.

One wonders how common such concerns will be in upcoming years and what will happen in the next few years when it comes to international student interest in studying at U.S. business schools.

When a student from another country who is thinking about studying at a U.S. business school or other American academic institution has concerns related to pursuing such studies, getting guidance on what can be done to address these concerns can be important. For immigration concerns, such guidance can be sought from experienced immigration lawyers. Having such guidance can be important both when it comes to immigration concerns related to student visas (such as F visas) and when it comes to concerns related to the possibility of getting work visas after one’s studies are completed.

Source: CNBC, “US business schools are struggling to recruit international candidates,” Sept. 19, 2017