Likelihood of working unusual hours higher among immigrants

Among the challenges employers can face are challenges with meeting their workforce needs. This can include difficulties finding workers for all the shifts they need covered. Particular challenges can arise on this front when it comes to getting nontraditional shifts, such as night shifts, covered.

A recent study indicates that helping employers with covering more unusual shifts is among the important roles immigrant workers play here in the United States.

The study was conducted by the New American Economy. For a range of industries, it compared immigrant workers to U.S.-born workers when it came to likelihood of working unusual hours. The study found that it was typical in many fields for immigrant workers to have a higher likelihood of working such hours. Both low-skill and high-skill occupations were included in the jobs for which this was the case.

Fields in which immigrants were especially more likely to work nontraditional hours than their U.S.-born counterparts include:

  • Education.
  • Healthcare.
  • Community/social services.

As this study underscores, immigrant workers can play an important role in filling challenging workforce needs for employers here in America. When looking into hiring workers from foreign countries to help meet their workforce needs, among the things it is very important for business owners to pay proper attention to are the immigration matters connected to such hirings. Making mistakes or oversights when navigating immigration matters related to hiring a foreign worker could prove costly for a company, possibly endangering its overall goals related to its workforce. So, the guidance of a knowledgeable immigration law attorney can be an important thing for a U.S. business to have when it is looking to cover a workforce need by hiring workers from other countries.

Source: wbur, “Study: Immigrants More Likely To Work Nights And Weekends Than U.S.-Born Employees,” Shannon Dooling, July 18, 2017