Form related to the adjustment of status process updated

Sometimes, foreign individuals already in the country on a different immigrant status desire to become a permanent resident of the United States. Such individuals may be able to pursue a green card through the adjustment of status process. One thing that can be critical when navigating this process is avoiding missteps. Missteps could further complicate the process and potentially reduce the chances of the process reaching the end-result the applicant desires.

Among the things that could impact a person’s likelihood of falling into missteps during the adjustment of status process is how clear the forms a person is to fill out during this process are. Unclear or confusing portions in such forms could leave a person uncertain about what exactly they need to do in the form. Such uncertainty could lead to a person inadvertently making mistakes when filling out a form.

One of the forms the adjustment of status process involves is Form I-485. Recently, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a new version of this form. The new form includes various changes from the previous version, including changes in: the questions it contains, its organization, its flow and its formatting. Updated versions of two of the supplements to this form, Supplement A and Supplement J, have also been issued. Additionally, the instructions for this form and the two supplements have been updated.

Prior to August 25 of this year, the previous version of Form I-485, Supplement A and Supplement J will still be accepted. Once that date hits, the updated versions will be required.

Among the aims of the new versions of the above-mentioned form, supplements and instructions are to:

  • Make the form more readable.
  • Provide applicants with better information.
  • Make the form easier to navigate.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Improve the efficiency of the adjustment of status process.

One wonders if the new version of Form I-485 will prove to increase the overall clarity of the form and reduce the likelihood of applicants being confused by the form.

When a person going through the adjustment of status process is confused by a form or some other aspect of the process, what guidance they receive on the matter could impact how likely the confusion is to lead to an impactful misstep. This is why, throughout the adjustment of status process, having the advice of a skilled immigration lawyer can be crucial for a green card seeker.