Navigating U.S. immigration law compliance issues as an employer

Employers here in the U.S. are subject to many different legal obligations. These rules come from a wide range of sources. Some of them come from U.S. immigration law.

Three of the more notable obligations that such law puts on employers are:

  • The requirement to only hire people who are authorized to work in the United States.
  • The requirement to maintain proper records on the work authorization of their workforce.
  • Anti-discrimination requirements regarding citizenship and national origin.

Being accused of violating these requirements in relation to foreign nationals on their workforce can have major ramifications for an employer here in America. It could expose them to monetary penalties. In some instances, criminal penalties could even be a possibility.

Given the complexity and high-stakes nature of compliance issues regarding these obligations, an employer could end up feeling quite overwhelmed when it comes to these legal matters. They may have many fears, including fears that they could inadvertently make a mistake in their compliance efforts that could endanger their business.

An important thing for employers to know is that they don’t have to rely on their own guesswork when trying to tackle the challenges of staying in compliance with immigration law in relation to their workforce. Trying to deal with these issues without having the right information and a clear understanding of what is required of them could significantly up an employer’s likelihood of their fear of making a critical mistake being realized.

Instead of attempting to handle the situation alone, a business can bring in a skilled immigration attorney to provide guidance on these compliance issues. This can give an employer somewhere to go with their questions and matters they need clarification on in connection to this impactful area of law.