International students and working in the U.S. after graduating

When a person is nearing the completion of a college or graduate degree, one of the big concerns they may have is whether they will be able to find the right job after they are done with school. Finding employment after getting one’s degree can prove challenging for any student. For foreign students who study here in the U.S. and wish to work in the U.S., however, there can be additional challenges on top of those faced by other students. 

Among the special challenges that can come up for international students when it comes to finding a post-school job in America are:

  • Language and cultural barriers: Such barriers could present potential stumbling blocks for students when it comes to looking, applying or interviewing for jobs.
  • Networking challenges: Networking can be a key part of one’s efforts to find a job. International students may not have some of the networking options available to their American counterparts. This includes options related to having a large web of family here in America.
  • High competition for jobs: The number of international students here in the U.S. has grown a lot over the past several decades. Given things such as the limited number of companies who are willing to sponsor students for visas and caps on certain types of worker visas, this increase could be creating some intense competition among international students for U.S. jobs.
  • Immigration matters: Finding the right job isn’t the only hurdle a foreign student faces when it comes to working here in the U.S. after graduating. Another is getting the legal authorization to live and work in America. In a previous post, we discussed some of the immigration issues that can come up for such students after graduation.

When trying to overcome such challenges, a student may find it beneficial to seek out help. For example, when it comes to immigration issues related to working in the U.S. after graduating, an international student may want to have an in-depth discussion regarding such issues with a skilled immigration attorney. Such lawyers can advise such students on their situation and their options for pursuing their immigration goals.